Common Surgical Removals

Mole Removals

Most people have brown spots on their skin in one area or another. These may be birthmarks, freckles, moles, keratoses, or sun related spots called lentigos. Many of these are normal, but some may be suspicious for skin cancer. It’s important to watch out for the ABCDE’s of melanoma: Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color variability, Diameter, and Evolution. Even if spots are not suspicious, they may become bothersome. Freckles and sun spots are typically removed with lasers or liquid nitrogen. Benign moles need surgical removal. 

Benign moles may become irritated or tender, and often enlarge with the passage of time. Clothing or hair brushing may irritate moles located in the underarms or on the scalp. There are multiple methods for removal depending on location and size. These range from superficial shave removals to excisions using deep and superficial sutures. Scars range from near invisible to discolored lines or spots. Dr. Dolev will discuss the best method to minimize scarring and downtime.

Cyst Excisions

Cyst are very common and frequently arise on the face, torso, or scalp. The types of cysts are based on where they originate. Both infundibular (aka epidermoid) and pilar cysts contain keratin and come from the epidermis or hair follicle. This is in contrast to sebaceous cysts that contain sebum. Regardless of origin, cysts may persist for years, become painful, and grow to a large size. Surgical excision is a simple outpatient procedure using local injections for numbing to remove the cyst sac and its contents. Some cysts may be amenable to injection with intra-lesional cortisone. 

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